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clear air turbulence


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clear air turbulence (cat) event

hannibal, mo


     note the two distinct alignments - jupiter/saturn and moon/sun/venus/mars! the resulting ~170 degree angles of mn/
sun/venus/mars with j/s and spica emulate the constant 170.0 degree angle found between antares and aldebaran.

     a large aircraft went for a roller-coaster ride high in the sky with plus and minus g acceleration!

      gravitational shear theory - it is proposed that gravity - usually portrayed as having a plus 1g acceleration - is actually composed of plus 2g and minus 1g components. these normally offset at the plus 1g level. however, the astronomical symmetries affect the earth's gravity field at certain times and places and allow the offset to appear. the offset results in opposite and adjacent forces - the classical definition of shear.

     these gravitational disturbances can be in the crust resulting in an earthquake or in the air resulting in turbulence or clear air turbulence.

     a good example of a cat event is the dc-8 which lost one engine and an 18-20 foot section of wing in december 1992. the adjacent and opposite forces can sometimes be very closely associated (1).




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clear air turbulence (cat)

storm-related turbulence



turbulence - flight 1427

april 16, 2008


      flight 1427 was headed from denver to phoenix and encountered "heavy turbulence" according to arturo santiago of cbs4 in denver(1).

it returned to denver where two people were taken to the hospital for injuries.

     note the clear mirror-image symmetry in which jupiter is opposite the star spica. uranus is opposite saturn/regulus and mercury/sun is opposite pollux.




t-38 crash

wichita falls, tx

may 1, 2008

    conditions were windy on this day, so turbulence or clear air turbulence is the likely cause of this fatal accident which occurred on landing approach. a second possibility is an electromagnetic anomaly which could have affected electrical systems.


gravity model



gravity model showing

plus and minus gravity components

     at certain altitudes in the earth's upper atmosphere the temperature increases relative to the surface. the same happens in the sun's corona. in the solar corona the temperature can reach 2 million degrees k. it is proposed that plus and minus gravity create shear forces in both these environments to heat any molecules that are present. the molecules would constantly be accelerated up and then down and then up again.

     the cones of plus gravity and cones of minus gravity usually would nicely overlap at the surface of the body resulting in cool temperatures relative to the core or upper atmosphere/corona. at the points where they separate, the dual nature of gravity would be revealed.



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