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Sterling, VA

Feb 16, 2024

    Note the astronomical angular separations which match the bond angles of the propane molecule.



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January 8, 2024


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January 8, 2024

Astronomical Subpattern


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Plum Borough, PA

August 12, 2023

    Note the astronomical angles which match the 109.5 degree bond angles of tetrahedral Methane molecule.


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Dimmitt, TX

April 11, 2023

    Note the similarity in angular separation for astronomical angles of date and bond angle of methane. The gravitational energy is agitating the methane bonds at the molecular level so the activation energy for the combustion reaction is partially fulfilled. At that point, a simple spark can activate an enormous explosion. The methane was accumulated in an enclosed area. The methane came from 2 sources - 1) bacterially produced from the manure and 2) bacterial production in the gut released through belching.



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OCTOBER 14, 2022

     Note the similarity between the bond angle -109.5 degrees - for a single-bonded hydrocarbon such as methane and for the angular separations for planet-star angles such as Saturn-Aldebaran at 111.2 degrees. The gravitational energy agitates these molecular bonds at the microscopic level resulting in explosions.



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OCTOBER 7, 2022

    Note the similarity between the bond angle -109.5 degrees - for a single-bonded hydrocarbon such as propane and for the angular separations for planet-star angles such as Saturn-Aldebaran at 111.1 degrees. The gravitational energy agitates these molecular bonds at the microscopic level resulting in explosions.


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August 10, 2022

     Note the similarity between the astronomical angular separations of 109.5 +/- 3 degrees and the Methane bond angles of 109.5 degrees.This was a residential explosion with a possible methane cause.


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August 10, 2020

    All the H-C-H bond angles for methane are 109.5 degrees. In the astronomical diagram there are multiple angles which approximate those bond angles. Gravitational forces are working from various directions to vibrate the bonds at the molecular level and thus trigger the explosion.




August 4, 2020

    Astronomical Subpattern contributed to initiating both events. Angular separations of astronomical bodies matched the bond angles of two constituents of the black powder that set off the Beirut explosion. These constituents were Graphite that makes up Charcoal and Potassium Nitrate. Each of these molecules have 120 degree bond angles.

Uploaded July 14, 2019


with Manhole Explosion

July 14, 2019

     This symmetric pattern triggered the New York power outage either with an electromagnetic disturbance causing the transformer fire or with a gravitational agitation - see KFC below -which caused the manhole explosion leading to the transformer explosion.


Uploaded July 13, 2019

KFC Explosion - NC

July 11, 2019


Uploaded July 13, 2019

 Astronomical Angular Separations

at ~109.5 degrees trigger

Methane Explosion at KFC- NC


florida propane explosion

nw of orlando

july 29, 2013

     notice the split triple k pattern associated with this extreme event. the astronomically symmetric pattern induced an electromagnetic disturbance in the immediate area of the propane plant which caused an electrical short, causing the fire which lead to the numerous explosions.

     the sun-aldebaran angle was 57.3 degrees while the uranus-

aldebaran angle was 57.6 - a very tight symmetry! meanwhile, the longterm antares-spica angle is 45.9 degrees and the aldebaran-pollux angle is 45.0. note the moon symmetrically opposite mars-jupiter-alhena with both moon-aldebaran and alhena-aldebaran at 29.2 degrees exactly!



central texas explosion

west, texas

april 17, 2013

     ammonium nitrate was involved in this massive explosion in central texas. an ordinary fire was being extinguished by firefighters. numerous accounts relate that water reacted with anhydrous ammonia stored at the plant. this combination results in ammonium hydroxide and heat. the pre-existing fire plus heat from the ammonium hydroxide combined to set off the ammonium nitrate.

     however, fires don't always ignite ammonium nitrate because the energy of activation is so high for the decomposition reaction which produces nitrous oxide and water.

     a cold front was moving through the central plains at the time of the fire and subsequent explosion. electromagnetic disturbances (emds) and tornadoes have been linked in studies which go back decades. and there was tornadic activity associated with the front.

     furthermore, there was a triple k astronomical pattern exactly at the time of the cold front and fire/explosion. other studies have shown that a magnetic flux line bent into a u-shape in a lab setting will cause ambient charged particles to spiral around the u-shaped flux line. if the earth's magnetic field were disturbed and if water were the charged particle with its partial polar nature, then a tornado would result.

      an astronomically-induced emd probably short circuited an electrical device at the fertilizer plant causing the fire, and then directly contributed to fulfilling part of the energy of activation of the ammonium nitrate decomposition reaction. with the heat from the anhdrous reaction and energy from the emd, the energy of activation was fulfilled and the highly exothermic decomposition reaction of ammonium nitrate was initiated.

     note a very similiar sun-moon configuration for april 20, 2010 at the time of the gulf of mexico oil well blowout. this event also had a weather front immediately associated with the location of the well.    


pemex explosion

mexico city

january 31, 2012

      note the triple-k pattern associated with this explosion.




three fires in two hours


november 24, 2012

     it is a rare event to see three newsworthy fires across the globe happen almost simultaneously. <<<this pattern (plus mercury) is the same as the sun will experience dec 18-24, 2012.>>>

     please check out the uk gas terminal fire/chicago store explosion about halfway down this page.



cruise ship explosion

september 15, 2011

         a cruise ship off the coast of norway had an explosion in the engine room which lead to a fire. this resulted in the ship experiencing a list or tilt.

         symmetric patterns, such as the split triple k shown in the diagram, are associated with numerous geophysical events plus fires and explosions.

          the constituents of the k patterns are: 1) sun symmetrically opposite both neptune and regulus, 2) moon and spica opposite the mars/pollux line and 3) jupiter opposite alhena.

          venus and uranus are physically opposite each other. both planets roughly split the antares-pollux angle.

          all these symmetries combine to produce an intense electromagnetic disturbance at certain points on the earth's surface which can trigger short circuits and overheating in electrical equipment leading to explosions or fires.


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Astronomical Angles Similiar to Molecular

Bond Angles of Silica and Methane

April 20, 2010

     There were two phases in the Deepwater Horizon tragedy.

            First came the blowout phase in which the cement failed around the well bore. The cement was supposed to contain the oil and gas within the well bore. The cement failed just like the pedestrian bridge did at Florida International University. The gravitational energy from two significant planet-star angle pairs at 109.5 degrees each set up molecular vibration in the silicate portions of the cement and caused microfractures which simply enlarged into greater size fractures. The oil and gas was free to traverse up to the surface.

    The same vibrations were working on the hydrocarbons including methane within the well bore agitating and propelling them upward.

          Please note a somewhat analogous process occuring in the fissure eruption in Iceland at the time. In this case the eruption would have been caused by agitated silica and also water.

        Second came the ignition phase at the surface in which the methane could now interact with oxygen. Agitated by the same molecular vibrations the methane could now ignite.


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September 9, 2010

     Note the similarity between the astronomical angles of 109.5 +/- 4 degrees and the 109.5 degree bond angle of the methane molecule with its tetrahedral structure. Gravitational energy works on a microscopic level to agitate the carbon-hydrogen bonds at the 109.5 degree angle.



il-76 cargo plane engine fire

karachi, pakistan

november 28, 2010

     note the moon-aldebaran mirror image relative to the uranus-aldebaran angle.



787 test flight fire

emergency landing - laredo, texas

november 9, 2010

     note the following symmetries: 1) sun opposite moon, 2) jupiter/uranus opposite neptune and 3) spica opposite pollux - all symmetric with the antares-aldebaran backbone.    




engine fire

qantas a-380

november 4, 2010

     engine failures occurred on two consecutive days on different qantas airliners, both having just taken off from singapore bound for sydney. they occurred on nov 4 and nov 5. these events were simultaneous with the mount merapi eruptions in indonesia.

     it is postulated that both types of events - the volcanic eruptions and the engine failures had the same cause - intensified and disturbed geomagnetic flux lines caused by symmetric astronomical patterns.

     these patterns would have been affected by the venus inferior conjunction event of 10/29/2010. this happens about every 19 months.

     note the tetrad composed of saturn, neptune, aldebaran and spica. the moon has moved into position at the last moment to make an exact alignment with saturn such that the moon-aldebaran angular separation of 121.9 degrees exactly equals that of saturn-aldebaran! this actually results in a 5-body tetrad.

     other studies have shown that aldebaran-spica symmetries result in emd's - electromagnetic disturbances. please see ald-spi triad in super tuesday tornadoes. also see ald-spi tetrad in qantas a-330 autopilot disconnect of october 7, 2008 - page middle. in addition, see the sextet involving ald-spi for 7/14/1977 new york city power outage at page bottom.



engine room fire

cruise ship splendor

november 8, 2010

     note the jupiter/uranus alignment opposite neptune.this threesome is symmetric with the long-term k composed of four ecliptic stars. at least four different events were associated with this symmetry- the merapi eruptions in indonesia, the two qantas engine accidents near singapore and the cruise ship fire south of san diego.

     also please note the proximity of venus to earth ~0.28 au- venus was in inferior conjunction with the sun on october 29 and still quite close to earth. on the date of this fire, venus was part of a symmetric tetrad composed of venus, regulus, antares and pollux.

     a geophysical explanation is proposed which would link all the events listed above. a geomagnetic flux line disturbance would be the cause of all the events.

a u-shaped flux line would induce water molecules in the volcano to be agitated.

a similiar disturbance would affect the electrons in the electrical wiring of the engine room - starting a fire. and an intense disturbed magnetic flux line of almost any shape could affect the magnetically sensitive iron and nickel in a nickel superalloy turbine fan blade of a jet engine.

     thus, a regional area of composed of parts of singapore and indonesia would be affected by disturbed and intense geomagnetic flux lines.

     please model for magnetic field disturbance.



azf explosion

toulouse, france

september 21, 2001

     note the ecliptic and extra-ecliptic symmetry involved in this massive

ammonium nitrate explosion. please observe that this explosion was on the

same day of the year as the 1921 oppau, germany explosion - also ammonium

nitrate. this means that the sun-star angles were almost exactly the same for

both explosions.

     here are the september 21 sun-star angles for some energetic stars outside

the ecliptic:

      sun-altair       118.7 degrees  altair equatorial spin speed  470,000 mph  (1)

      sun-achernar 119.7      "        achernar       "                      503,000 mph  (1)

      sun-deneb     117.5      "        deneb - 160,000 x luminosity of sun          (1)

     see the model for magnetic field disturbance diagram at the bottom of the

power outage page for a description of how a spark could be generated by an

intense naturally-occurring geomagnetic field.

           (1)  website of                              

                jim kaler, prof. emeritus of astronomy, university of illinois



oppau, germany

ammonium nitrate explosion

september 21, 1921

     the sun-aldebaran angle of about 109 degrees for both the azf and oppau

explosions are very close to the hydrogen-nitrogen-hydrogen tetrahedral

angles of ammonium nitrate!



february 28, 2005

seizure episode

     this pre-teen solitary seizure episode occurred on feb 28, 2005.

please note the distinct geometric or symmetric double-k opposite t

pattern associated with this event.

     please compare the oppau double-k opposite t pattern just

above. uranus shows one full orbit difference in the 84 year offset

between these two events.

     also contrast this feb 28 event with the near simultaneous uk

gas terminal fire plus chicago explosion of feb 28, 2008. the

sun-star t subpattern shows clearly.

     view the model for magnetic field disturbance diagram at the

bottom of the power outage page to see how all these events are










harrier jet crash

havelock, north carolina

december 29, 2008

     this jet was "belching smoke and flames before it crashed,"  according to

the foxnews article. the cause could well have been an electromagnetic (em)

field disturbance as described on the power outage page. ambient electrons,

spiraling around an em disturbance, could have caused an engine to




electrical vault manhole explosion

near lax

march 26, 2008



house explosion

pittsburgh, pa

march 5, 2008





natural gas explosion

lyons, france

march 2, 2008






uk gas terminal fire

chicago store explosion

february 28, 2008




sugar factory fire

savannah, georgia

february 7, 2008

     note the similarity of this subpattern with that of a rare ammonium nitrate explosion in 1947 (see texas city diagram below).,2933,329806,00.html


krex tv station fire

january 20, 2008

     note the similarity of this saturn-star 3d pattern associated with a major tv station fire (1) compared to that with 3-mile island.





electrical substation fire

melbourne, australia

december 6, 2007

     this was a significant power outage in downtown melbourne, australia(1). the saturn-star subpattern associated with this event was almost identical to that of 3-mile island in 1979. since 3-mile is considered an electromagnetic (em) disturbance event (see power outage), the melbourne electrical event could be considered as a 3-mile analogue.

     here's the importance of this event and those listed above -

the melbourne event should be considered as a predictor for 2008 em disturbance events.

     <<the melbourne electrical substation fire, in combination with other em events from nov 07 through feb 08 could be a predictor for another n-accident one saturn revolution after 3-mile in 1979.>>




    apex, north carolina explosion


long term effect of lightning strike- an electromagnetic disturbance

sunset crater - arizona, copyright 2008 matt maddox all rights reserved




cruise ship - may 25, 2003

     a cruise ship was at port in miami on may 25, 2003. one of the boilers was undergoing a maintenance procedure and a large explosion occurred.

     a very clearly symmetric moon-planet-star subpattern was in effect.

     it is proposed that subatomic particles streamed through the crust at just that moment producing extra pressure on the already volatile steam. neutrons are a distinct possibility since neutron fluxes of 2 to 12 times normal background levels have been detected in various places before. however, these events are usually associated with earthquakes- either near or far from the fault zone. charged particles are also another real possibility.






texas city - grand camp

    in texas city, texas in 1947, two ships loaded with ammonium nitrate blew up. an explosion involving this chemical fertilizer is relatively rare, since the chemical is stable. a very obvious moon, venus, regulus symmetry is functional with this explosion.

     the energy of activation is an "energy hill or barrier" which must be overcome for reactions to occur. apparently these patterns, which resulted in symmetry from the earth's point of view, contributed to the energy of activation for this reaction to proceed.






hindenburg - 1937

     on may 6, 1937 an airship called the hindenburg exploded at an airfield located at lakehurst, new jersey. there were two electrical storms in the area at the time, plus the dirigible was filled with hydrogen gas- very flammable.

     in addition, the hindenburg had an aluminum compound on its skin. that same compound has recently has been used for a propellant in solid

rocket boosters (1)!

     all it took was a spark to set it on fire and the electrical storms helped provide that.
   the venus-jupiter pattern was symmetric with the k structure composed of antares, aldebaran, spica and pollux.
   the second diagram shows the alhena-uranus symmetry with the backbone of the k. it also shows a sideways v composed of neptune and regulus. this v is symmetric with the backbone as well.
   the extended or extrapolated lines are indicative of the fact that the gravitational energy from the bodies permeates the earth and affects the core.

     (1) what happened to the hindenburg? secrets of the dead, thirteen/wnet- new york and




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