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how to reproduce values with skychart iii
example is for december 21, 2011 1200 utc

1) start skychart iii- sky map will appear

2a) a) under computation, select: location
b) click: view from earth
c) type in: center of earth
d) longitude: 00
e) latitude: 00
f) altitude: -6378000
(this is the radius of the earth
in meters- be sure to enter the
minus so the result is a negative
j) time zone: 0
k) click: add to list
l) click: ok

2b) at lower left portion
of sky map verify viewed from:
center of earth
all zeroes for latitude and

3a) a)under computation, select:
date & time
b) local date + time is in this
format: y/m/d h:m:s
enter: 2011/12/21 12:00:00
c) time zone: 0.0
d) automatic daylight savings time
correction box: uncheck
e) calendar system: gregorian
f) time scale: universal time (utc)
g) click ok

3b) at lower left portion of sky map
verify local time:

4) a)under computation
select: find configuration
b) click: minimum
c) click: angular
d) skip to start search date:
verify date previously entered
2011/12/21 12:00:00
e) search end date:
adjust date to 2011/12/21 12:00:01
be sure that start date and end date
match exactly- except that end date is
one second more than start date
f) search step (days)
0.0000000001 which is
zero, decimal point, nine zeroes, then one
g) go back to 1st object not selected
h) press: select
i) search for: sun
j) click: find
k) verify found: sun
l) click: select
m) for 2nd object not selected
click: select
n) search for: jup
o) click: find
p) verify found: jupiter
q) click: select
lower right corner
r) click: search
lower left corner
s) double-click stop
t) for date:
verify date previously entered
2011/12/21 12:00:00
distance: 121.1 degrees
u) enter other object pairs to find other
angular separations

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