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Tambora Eruption - 1815

Bird's eye view

view from north looking toward ecliptic plane

     Saturn, Uranus and Jupiter complete a strikingly symmetric pattern with two ecliptic stars at the time of the explosive 1815 tambora volcanic eruption!


Jan 15, 2022

      Note that Saturn returns to the same point in the sky - 7 cycles after the Tambora eruption!



1452-53 Eruption of Kuwae







1883 Krakatoa Eruption


     Note the reinforced K pattern with Jupiter-Pollux and Saturn-Aldebaran alignments. The Uranus/Regulus subpattern makes this roughly a Double-K pattern. in addition, Uranus and Neptune exhibit a precise angular match with Pollux at 61.0 degrees each. This long-term large planet symmetry with Pollux enhances the pre-existent K symmetry.


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Novarupta, Alaska

June 6-8, 1912

      This major eruption occurred in alaska over 3 days from June 6-8, 1912. during this time venus and jupiter were aligned along the antares-aldebaran axis and the sun and saturn were symmetrically offset from the stellar axis about 9-12 degrees each!



Mt St Helens

May 18, 1980

      On May 18, 1980, Mt St Helens volcano in the state of Washington unleashed an incredible explosion that took the tops off trees miles away. Saturn was opposite a formidable alignment of Mars, Jupiter and Regulus, completing a Triple K pattern.
      So the whole earth, including the molten core, was experiencing a very structured combination of gravitational fields converging on it from different directions.
      The extended, or extrapolated, lines in the second diagram emphasize the permeating effect which the gravitational fields exert on the earth- in most cases the fields probably reach through the whole of the earth’s mass.


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La Soufriere St Vincent/Mont Pelee Volcanic Eruptions

Linked to Symmetric Astronomical Pattern

Both Eruptions Volcanic Explosive Index (VEI) 4

May 7- La Soufriere, May 8- Pelee 1902


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Uploaded 2022-12-21, Included in Volcanoes due to Tetrahedral Structure of Acrylic Polymer

Aqua Dom Cylindrical Tank Rupture


Dec 16, 2022


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Denver International Airport

February 16, 2007


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Ash Plume - 50,000 Ft

    Note that this eruption occurred within 6 hours of the monthly blanket prediction date. This was a Triple K pattern with reinforced Antares- Aldebaran backbone.

Lewotolok, another volcano in Indonesia, also erupted with a 50,000 ft ash plume on Nov 29.



40,000 ft Ash Plume

September 20, 2020

     Note the adjacent astronomical angles within the Ecliptic Plane which are close to 109.5 degrees. The O-Si-O bond angles of the Silicate Ion are all 109.5 degrees. Molecules which include the Silicate Ion make up about 90-95% of the Earth's crust.

     The incident gravitational energy impinging on the Earth sets up a 3-D interference pattern which affects a specific area. The magma inside Sangay was greatly agitated until the pressure was released with a volcanic eruption.


january 12, 2013 manam eruption

papua new guinea

45,000 ft ash plume

      note the bird-like shape with the head pointed down and to the right. this is a pentad - group of five symmetric axes - composed of seven bodies: sun, moon, pollux, venus, mars, saturn and uranus. it's interesting that such a qualitative and quantitative pattern should be associated with a large eruption.

that association helps to establish cause and effect.




grimsvotn eruption


may 21, 2011

     note the moon-planet-star symmetric subpattern in place at the exact moment of eruption. also, please note the small planet alignment composed of mercury, venus and mars. this small-planet axis was actually part of two different symmetric tetrads. 

Uploaded 2022-12-16



June 8, 1783

     Note the J & S Symmetry reinforces the Pollux Axis and the J & U Symmetry reinforces the Spica Axis. Overall, with the Antares-E-Aldebaran backbone, this results in a reinforced K pattern. The dynamic involved is either an interference pattern or vector cancellation/addition.



iceland fissure eruption

april 14-18, 2010

     the volcano near eyjafjallajoekull glacier erupted in mid-april

and the resultant ash cloud stranded thousands of passengers worldwide for several days. thousands of flights were cancelled and travel & shipments were severely disrupted in europe.

     note the symmetric subpattern composed of jupiter, neptune and regulus with the ecliptic k pattern made up of antares, aldebaran, spica and pollux. also, the sun is at an annual position which sets up multiples of 45 degree angles with the k.

     saturn is opposite uranus - this was also the case with the major eruption of grimsvotn in iceland in 1783.


Redoubt earthquake swarms

Australia whale stranding

Butte, Montana/ Tokyo, Japan

Aircraft accidents

March 22, 2009

     The monthly blanket prediction peak hour of 20:00 utc march 22, 2009 was predetermined and geophysical events were predicted on the prediction page. within just a few hours of the predicted peak the following events occurred:

          1) earthquake swarms at redoubt volcano in alaska

          2) mass stranding of false killer whales in australia

          3) butte, montana turboprop aircraft accident

          4) tokyo, japan fedex md-11 explosion on landing

     the earthquake swarms were precursors to 50- and 65,000 ft

ash plume eruptions.

     <<<please compare the double triads of redoubt with the double triads of chaiten volcano in chile - see below.>>>

     the mass stranding could well have been an electromagnetic disturbance (emd) event.

     the montana aircraft accident was reported as a possible icing

event, but an emd event is a distinct possibility for this accident.

     the fedex md-11 accident was reported as a possible wind shear event with gusts up to about 50 mph.



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chaiten volcano - chile

4.25" hail - south dakota

outbreak of 76 tornadoes

tropical cyclone category 4 - myanmar

may 1-2, 2008

mirror-image astronomical triads


1.25" hail s central us - midnight may 1-2, 2008

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pinatubo eruption


june 15, 1991

     please compare this 3d diagram with tambora 3d just above. also, compare with venus heat flow anomaly of march 22, 2008. finally, check out shuttle columbia 3d diagram for 3-dimensional symmetry!


Eruption of Kuwae

1452-53 ad

     In late 1452 or early 1453 ad, a spectacular eruption occurred in the vanuatu islands of the south pacific, north of new zealand. in volume of total vented material, it probably surpassed the tambora cataclysm of 1815!
      for this episode in volcanic history, please note the angular similarity of uranus and neptune with the antares-aldebaran backbone of the “k” structure. at matching angles of approximately 58 and 122 degrees, this pattern would have persisted for months, allowing energy from earth’s core and mantle to be funneled to the same spot in the earth’s crust- a volcano named kuwae.
      the second diagram shows saturn opposite alhena with roughly equal angles. this amounts to a highly structured “triple k.”

     saturn, moving through the sky at about one degree per month, would have stayed in this mirror-image position for several months. in fact, the february 2, 1453 position shows an exact match for angle values- 148.6!

     furthermore, jupiter is very close to exhibiting right angles with the backbone during this late december period.
     <<disclaimer regarding historical patterns>> astronomy software uses mathematical formulas which can show incremental drift for historical dates. the moon and small planets are not shown due to the large numbers of cycles involved going back 5 ½ centuries.

     here are the approximate number of cycles for the large planets starting at the year 2000 and going back to 1453: jupiter- 46, saturn- 19, uranus- 6.5 and neptune- 3.3.

     therefore, since the number of cycles is relatively small for saturn, uranus and neptune, these values are dependable. the jupiter position should be accurate also.





red sea volcano - jabal al-tair

three-dimensional view

      there are two very powerful stars outside the sun-earth or ecliptic plane - achernar in the southern hemisphere and deneb in the north.

the sun-aldebaran angle of 117.1 within the sun-earth plane on the day of the eruption matches the sun-star and star-star angles outside the plane.

    please note that the sun on september 30 is in the same position as jupiter for the massive tambora eruption in 1815 (see below).

    for other 3-d patterns see tropical storms and earthquakes.

    don't miss the repeat pattern for the 1906 and 1989 san francisco earthquakes!


Red sea volcano - Jabal al-Tair

Bird's eye view

view from north looking toward ecliptic plane

     Note the unmistakeable symmetric pattern of planets saturn and uranus with the ecliptic stars antares and aldebaran!

      for the pipe burst in the south african gold mine on october 3, 2007

the saturn-aldebaran and uranus-aldebaran angles were each exactly 84.0 degrees!

      the sinkhole in san diego, california developed later on the same day, october 3, 2007.

      the volcano erupted exactly in the middle of the predictive window of 9/30/2007 plus or minus three days!


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