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sudden acceleration

december 2008

    the christian science monitor states that one carmaker had 379 nhtsa complaints re: sudden acceleration for december 2008. note the 80/100 degree symmetric subpattern including saturn, uranus and regulus. also note the jupiter location symmetric with the stellar k pattern. these two subpatterns persisted for the month and were also associated with two military jet crashes and an unintended autopilot disconnect on a qantas jet.


diagram shows astrosymmetry associated with simultaneous

electric field flux and tornadoes in twin cities area

1959 freier article links electric

field disturbance under clear

skies to timing of tornadoes

within 70 miles

     the earth's electric field was being monitored in the twin cities on june 4, 1958 - the day tornadoes blew through the area. george freier of the university of minnesota (1) had set up a "field mill" apparatus with recorder. it showed a significant peak within 30 minutes

of one nearby tornado and a strong spike at exactly the time of several tornadoes just an hour later.

     he described the conditions as "local fair weather; i.e., nowhere within the visible horizon was there an indication of a storm."

     another article by wd crozier shows a clear electric field flux in the area of a new mexico dust devil (2).

      freier observed that a geoelectric flux separate from the immediate vicinity of a tornadic storm is possible.

     <<<an electromagnetic disturbance in clear weather is therefore a very probable cause of malfunction of a sensitive electronic instrument such as a car's computer or accelerator/transducer system found in some cars.>>>


     1)  george d freier, university of minnesota- the earth's electric field during a tornado- journal of meteorology, shorter contributions p333-4 june 1959

allenpress, american meteorological society


     2)  wd crozier, nm imt, socorro- the electric field of a new mexico dust devil- journal of geophysical research v69, no 24 p 5427-9 dec 15, 1964


     sudden auto acceleration

    induced by electromagnetic

  disturbances (emd) caused by

    astronomical patterns


emds can generate electrical

current in midair


     numerous reports of sudden unintended vehicular acceleration have surfaced in the media recently.

     due to microcircuitry and the small diameter of wiring used, the computer and transducer systems of various car models are sensitive to fluctuations in the earth's electromagnetic field.

     for a discussion of electromagnetic interference and effects on auto systems, please access the following article by usa today:

     a thorough discussion of <<<how an electromagnetic disturbance (emd) can generate electron flow or electrical current in midair>>> is found at the bottom of the power outage page:

     numerous examples of astronomical patterns which can generate emds are demonstrated on both the power outage and the explosions/seizures pages


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