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1923年 東京 地震





タンボラ山 噴火 



海底火山クワエ 噴火




1995年 地震






チリ 地震 2010年





japan earthquake & tsunami

richter magnitude 8.9

march 11, 2011

    note the sun-neptune and venus-jupiter symmetry within the ecliptic plane associated with this devastating event.

    the sun and neptune set up angles close to 80 and 100 degrees from aldebaran and antares - similiar to the regulus-aldebaran angle of 80.1 and regulus-antares angle of 99.9.

          venus and jupiter set up angles close to 60 and 120 degrees with the antares/aldebaran backbone. the ecliptic angles close to 120 degrees mimic the angular separation of regulus with two extra-ecliptic stars not shown on this diagram - achernar and deneb. the regulus-achernar angle is 119.9 and the regulus-deneb angle is 119.5.



japan earthquake & tsunami

richter magnitude 8.9

march 11, 2011

3-d planet-star subpattern


      the following is a letter sent to the prime minister of japan on february 16, 2011 anticipating an east coast honshu earthquake this year:

                                                  february 16, 2011

prime minister kan naoto
c/o embassy of japan: chancery
2520 massachusetts avenue northwest
washington, dc 20008-2869

prime minister kan naoto,
      i have done extensive research on earthquake recurrence and i believe an east honshu earthquake this year is a distinct possibility. i believe this earthquake can be predicted down to a few hours.
      i have evidence for a local recurrence rate at 89 plus or minus 3 years. a 2011 recurrence of the 1923 tokyo earthquake would be 88 years.
      i have also found numerous cases in which earthquakes recur at a 249 plus/minus 3 year interval. l’aquila was 246.500 years. haiti, with two earthquakes in 1761, was 249. indonesia, with major quakes in 1757 and 2004 shows a 247 year interval.
      numerous volcanoes have shown 249 plus or minus 3 year eruption intervals. the only two known eruptions of kasatochi in alaska were 1760 and 2008 - a difference of 248 years.
      lisbon, with quakes in 1722 and 1969, shows a 247 year difference, with magnitudes of 7.5 and 7.8, respectively.
      <<<the tonankai trough with major earthquakes in 1605 and 1854 shows the exact 249 year interval with a 90-year successor earthquake following in 1944.>>>
a 2011 recurrence of the 1763 sanriku earthquake would give a 248 year difference.
      i also anticipate 7.0+ magnitude earthquakes in 2011 in the following areas: central/western argentina, n bay of bengal(8.0+).
      the large planets have a cycle of 89 and also 249 years in which the orbits show half/whole cycles.
      the exact time can be deduced by watching the following parameters simultaneouly:
1) minor/moderate shocks in the 4.0 - 6.0 magnitude category - these should be interpreted as foreshocks
2) radon occurrence in fault zones - this worked for l’aquila.
3) water level fluctuation - this has worked for china and others
4) electrical resistivity fluctuation- a known earthquake prediction tool
5) ionosphere fluctuation - exhibited before a 1977 argentina earthquake
6) electrical disturbances such as lightning-type discharges along fault zones -this was shown in san francisco in 1906
7) thermal neutron presence in fault zones at the 2x-12x levels above baseline values - demonstrated by russian researchers
8) aberrant animal behavior- this can be monitored in zoos and with animal owners and fishermen. very large groups of toads showed up in a china city before the 2008 quake hit there. also, deep-sea organisms sometimes appear on the ocean surface or beaches before major quakes.
      a last-minute warning to local japan residents could save thousands of lives and prevent injuries.

matt maddox

     a similiar letter was also sent to the prime minister in 2010.




sanriku, japan earthquake 1933

     this was a devastating earthquake in japan in 1933. note the 80/100 degree symmetry of venus and jupiter with aldebaran/antares. this is a match with the constant 80/100 degree angular separation of regulus with the aldebaran/antares backbone.

     for another example of venus/jupiter 80/100 symmetry see hurricane andrew in tropical storms.



sanriku, japan

earthquake & tsunami

june 15, 1896

     note the triple k pattern described by the antares-aldebaran backbone and the following symmetric pairs: sun-uranus, saturn-alhena and spica-pollux long-term pair. in addition, relative to the antares-aldebaran backbone, note the uranus-galactic center precise symmetric pairing.

    please also note the sun happens to be at an annual position which puts it directly opposite the center of the galaxy.


sanriku tsunami

june 15, 1896

moon-star symmetry

     note the precise moon-star symmetric subpatterns for this historical event. within the ecliptic plane, the moon splits the aldebaran-spica angle within a tenth of a degree. outside the ecliptic, the moon splits the deneb-achernar angle, also within a tenth of a degree.




kobe, japan earthquake 1995

      note the position of saturn at right angles to the backbone of antares/aldebaran. both venus and jupiter are in line with and reinforce the backbone.


tokyo 1923


     for statistics on this devastating event, check out the usgs site (1).



japan tonankai trough

earthquakes linked to

astronomical cycles

    out of 4 major/great earthquakes in the tonankai trough, three show the large planets appearing on approximate repeat axes.


please check the predictions page

for the timing of the chile earthquake

timing was anticipated

location not predicted

but w or central argentina earthquake

already predicted for this year- 2010


vehicular sudden

unintended acceleration


click here for 249 year

geologic matrix

showing indicators

for haiti earthquake



northwest honshu coast, japan 7/16/2007

     first note the venus-regulus  and jupiter-antares alignments. then note the four axes which compose the 80/100 degree symmetries: earth with 1) uranus, 2) aldebaran, 3) venus-regulus and 4) jupiter-antares. as a result of the symmetries, shear forces are set up within the earth's crust.



northwest honshu coast, japan 7/16/2007

3-dimensional view

     note the moon-star adjacent symmetric angles for this earthquake.




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