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how to predict earthquakes

some earthquakes can be predicted. this is

a list of earthquake predictors:

          1) symmetric astronomical patterns

timing, but not location for philippines earthquake predicted by symmetric pattern

     2) historical patterns of local earthquakes

                           89,160, 178 & 249 year cycles


178 year earthquake cycle

     3) changes in the ionosphere

      4) changes in the jet stream

                            8" snow s texas before '04 tsunami

     5) thermal neutron increase

                            increases shown in kamchatcka/

            crimea before '04 tsunami                

            6) changes in animal behavior

                        frantic escape behavior

            multiple cases documented for


     7)  changes in plants

            unusual winter blooming

     8)  lightning-type discharges along faults

             1906 - california, 2010 - chile

     9)  water level flux - ponds, lakes, water  


     10)  electrical resistivity underground

     11)  radon flux     


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