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ecliptic or sun/earth plane




the ecliptic or solar plane

            the sun-earth plane is referred as the ecliptic plane. it could also be considered as a broad and thick pancake. the sun, moon and planets regularly align with stars within this plane. they also make symmetric patterns with the ecliptic stars. it’s important to note the “k” pattern composed of the antares-aldebaran backbone and spica and pollux as the legs.




11hours 23minutes right ascension

right ascension is celestial longitude

events associated with11h23m ra

     events associated with approximate 11h23m ra include 2009 heat wave - s us, july 2009 iranian jet crash, april 2009 cme - solar event, 2009 737 crash - holland, september 25, 1998 - four atlantic hurricanes, 1992 hurricane andrew category 5, 1992 hurricane iniki category 5, 1991 perfect storm, 1980 mt st helens eruption, 1980 heat wave s us, 1979 typhoon tip 870 mb, 1966 airframe failure b707, 1950 8.7m earthquake india, 1937 hindenburg explosion, 1933 8.89m earthquake - japan, 1920 8.6m earthquake - china, 1883 krakatoa eruption, annual average hurricane peak - atlantic


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