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July 29, 2021

     Note the Split Quadruple K ecliptic astronomical pattern associated with this Great Earthquake Richter Magnitude 8.2. Venus splits the Spica-Pollux angle with V-Spica 45.6 and V-Pollux 45.3 degrees.






October 30, 2020

    The Triple K pattern triggered both the 7.0M earthquake in Alaska

and the US Covid spike.



Chile earthquake

Magnitude 8.8

February 27, 2010

     In addition to the obvious symmetric subpatterns shown above, venus, at 80.1 degrees from aldebaran and 99.7 degrees from antares exhibits a near-perfect mirror-image relationship with regulus! Regulus is 80.1 degrees from aldebaran and 99.9 degrees from antares!

     To view the link between some central chile earthquakes and periodic planetary cycles, see:

please check the predictions page

for the timing of the chile earthquake

timing was anticipated location not predicted

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geologic matrix

showing indicators

for haiti earthquake


Haiti Earthquake

   Richter Magnitude 7.0

January 12, 2010

     Please note the following symmetries with the pre-existing k pattern which has been depicted on the sun-earth plane webpage:


    1)   the sun-venus alignment (venus in superior position) opposite pollux.

this alignment creates an extension of  the stellar ecliptic k pattern.

    2) mars and saturn are about 66 and 114 degrees from the antares-aldebaran backbone of the k. they are symmetrically opposite each other in space.

    3) the jupiter/neptune alignment is symmetrically opposite uranus.

    4) uranus is symmetrically opposite regulus.

    note the similarities to the pattern of the l'aquila, italy earthquake of 2009 shown immediately below.,2933,582877,00.html


Italy Earthquake

L'aquila, Italy   Richter magnitude 6.3

April 6, 2009

Original Uploaded 2019/07/11, Edited 2019/07/14

    S California Earthquake 7.1M July 6, 2019

     Note the precise Sun-Planet-Star symmetry involved

with this event.


7.6 Magnitude Earthquake


August 31, 2012

     The timing, but not location, was predicted for this earthquake. the prediction time was 1400 utc on aug 31, 2012. the event time was 1247 utc - just over one hour difference!

     note the precise sun-spica and sun-pollux angular separation match of 45.5 degrees each. in addition the moon-spica angle was 133.9 and the moon-pollux angle was 134.1 degrees - also a very close match!



1934 Nepal-Bihar Earthquake

     Note the obvious X pattern associated with this powerful event. The Sun and Uranus axes are mirror images to the K pattern established by Spica and Pollux with Antares and Aldebaran as the backbone.


Gansu, China Earthquake

December 16, 1920

      Note the clear double K pattern associated with this awesome event. Some estimates relate 200,000 fatalities with this disaster. Large numbers of people were living in caves carved out of loess - deposits of wind-blown silt which are loosely compacted. The caves collapsed during the earthquake.

     The long-term angular separation of Antares-Regulus is 99.9 degrees. The angle for Aldebaran-Regulus is 80.1 degrees. So the Jupiter-Regulus-Antares-Aldebaran symmetric agreement is very close.


8.6 Magnitude Earthquake

Off W Coast N Sumatra

April 11, 2012

     Although it is not immediately obvious, there are four simultaneous alignments associated with this large magnitude event. going counterclockwise, the alignments are moon- center of galaxy, neptune-e-mars-regulus, sun-e-saturn-spica and aldebaran-venus-e-antares.

     saturn and venus reinforce the ever-present stellar k made of antares, spica, pollux and aldebaran. saturn is positioned to complete an almost perfect symmetry with antares, pollux and aldebaran.



Richter Magnitude 5.8

5.6M Upgraded to 5.8M

September 3, 2016

      Note the tetrad of axes composed of Saturn-Antares, Moon-Venus, Mercury-Jupiter, and Pollux. A triad or tetrad including Antares and Pollux is commonly found with earthquakes. The Sun and Neptune are directly opposite each other and at right angles to the Antares-Aldebaran axis.

              This earthquake was felt in seven states and appears to be associated with fracking disposal wells.  Thirty-seven wells out of 3200 active disposal wells were shut down as a result of this earthquake.





Richter Magnitude 6.2

August 24, 2016

      Note the adjacent repeat angles of ~105-107 degrees associated with this event. Also, please observe that there were three different alignments occurring at this time.


April 16, 2016

7.8 Magnitude

  Note the Sun-J angular separation which is almost

exactly equal to the long-term Antares-Pollux angle!


October 26, 2015

7.5 Magnitude

  The key subpattern for this event was a tetrad composed of

Moon-Uranus, Aldebaran, Pollux and Venus-Jupiter. Symmetries involving Pollux are often associated with geological events.


7.0 magnitude earthquake predicted

for february 6, 2013 - location not



solomon islands earthquake

8.0 richter magnitude

february 6, 2013


      note the perfect saturn-uranus symmetry with pollux in constellation gemini. symmetry with pollux often results in geologic events. please see volcanoes page for numerous examples including krakatoa and kuwae.

      a 7.0 magnitude earthquake was predicted for february 6, 2013 at 1700 utc. this 8.0 m earthquake struck at 01:12 utc - a difference of only 16 hours!

      there were several other subpatterns which contributed to this quake.



guatemala earthquake

november 7, 2012


     note the augmentation of the basic mayan fall 2012 pattern. the moon and jupiter positions add two axes to the mayan pattern to result in a sextet of axes!    




british columbia earthquake

october 28, 2012

earth-view pattern is same as solar-view pattern

for mayan prediction date december 21, 2012

     the basic mayan astronomical pattern is in place for fall 2012. it consists of a symmetric tetrad - group of four axes - composed of 1) uranus, 2) aldebaran opposite antares, 3) regulus opposite neptune and 4) saturn. for hurricane sandy and the british columbia earthquake, the sun is aligned with saturn, reinforcing that axis.

     please access the mayan page to see the similarity with the solar-view or heliocentric pattern for the december prediction date.


6.4 magnitude earthquake

nw iran

august 11, 2012

     note the two simultaneous triple alignments associated with this shallow and potent earthquake in the middle east. a second shock came only 11 minutes later. the alignments reinforced the already symmetric k pattern within the ecliptic plane.

    an earthquake was predicted somewhere globally for this date for 0600 utc. the actual event was 1223 utc on 8/11.

click here for california earthquakes


7.1 magnitude earthquake

maule, chili

march 25, 2012

     note the symmetric relationships between 3 alignment pairs - saturn-spica, sun-uranus and moon-jupiter. it's important to know that symmetric patterns associated with geophysical events quite often enhance the pre-existent stellar ecliptic k-pattern composed of antares, aldebaran, spica and pollux.

     there is more symmetry than that shown. the venus-antares angle is 161.7 degrees and the aldebaran-center of galaxy angle is ~162.5 degrees.



7.4 magnitude earthquake

south mexico

march 20, 2012

     please compare this antares-pollux tetrad with the subpatterns for the mars dust devil of february 16, 2012 and the huntsville, alabama tornado of march 2, 2012 on the tornado page.


7.2 magnitude earthquake

off the w coast of n sumatra

january 10, 2012

     note the jupiter-saturn opposition for this event. also, relative to the antares-aldebaran backbone, the sun is symmetrically opposite both jupiter and saturn! this subpattern was anticipated and a 7.0 magnitude earthquake was predicted somewhere globally for january 9, 2012.

     this earthquake was within about 600 miles of the northern bay of bengal - one of three predicted areas for 2012!

     january 14, 2012 note- this event plus other earthquakes around sumatra, nicobar islands, andaman islands and especially myanmar are considered prelude to an 8.0+ event in the n bay of bengal in 2012-2013.

     in 1757 there was a 7.5 magnitude sumatra earthquake followed in 1762 by a n bay of bengal 5.5 ft tsunami. this sequence is predicted to recur at about a 250-year interval.


east turkey earthquake

richter magnitude 7.2

october 23, 2011

     please note the moon-saturn-antares-pollux tetrad associated with this event. there is also a uranus-antares-pollux triad which happens to be symmetric with the tetrad. this overall combination produces a moon-2 planet-2 star pentad, which, coupled with other symmetries not shown, resulted in a large magnitude geologic outcome.

     please scroll further down the page for two more examples of moon-saturn-2 star tetrads associated with large events - the 1960 & 2010 chile great earthquakes!



mineral, virginia earthquake

richter magnitude 5.8

august 23, 2011

     note the double k subpattern when the jupiter-earth line is extrapolated. for the 1897 virginia earthquake, the moon is six degrees closer to aldebaran, but still in the same region of the sky!

     also, for the may 31, 1897 event, jupiter was in the same approximate position as venus was for the 2011 event- within 1.3 degrees!



christchurch, new zealand

6.3 magnitude earthquake

february 21, 2011


chile earthquake

may 22, 1960

9.5 magnitude

     this was the most massive earthquake in the 20th century! note the clear symmetric patterns with respect to the antares/aldebaran backbone.

     for both the 1960 and 2010 earthquakes, note the moon positioned symmetrically opposite saturn in relation to the aa backbone.

     here is the usgs site (1) for statistics on this powerful event.


vehicular sudden

unintended acceleration

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usgs photo - 1906 san francisco earthquake - usgs does not endorse private websites



china earthquake

sichuan province  magnitude 7.9

may 12, 2008





     In 1976 a major earthquake hit tangshan, china. although part of an overall pattern, a distinct subpattern occurred on that date. the moon-venus and sun-saturn axes exactly split the earth-regulus and earth-pollux axes. note the repeat numbers in the range of approximately 14-16 degrees and also 23-25 degrees.

     For 3-d diagrams see chelyabinsk, tomsk-7, three-mile island in nuclear, columbia in shuttle and super tuesday 2008 tornadoes in tornadoes.



1906 san francisco earthquake fence offset

usgs photo - usgs does not endorse websites


1906 san francisco earthquake fault trace - 2 miles n of skinner ranch

usgs photo -usgs does not endorse websites




sumatra 2004

     In the first sumatra event, saturn lined up with pollux, and mercury and venus were close to antares. jupiter and uranus were at just the right positions to complete a very neat symmetric pattern.



usgs photo - usgs does not endorse websites

1906 san francisco earthquake



Sumatra 2005

     In the second sumatra event the large planets were still in approximately the same positions. due to the relative motions of earth and neptune, neptune was now symmetric with spica and aldebaran. uranus was, at the time of the second quake, perfectly symmetric with respect to spica and pollux! this diagram is one subpattern for this event.



Assam 1897

     For this extreme india earthquake, note the saturn-uranus and sun-neptune axes which are symmetric with both the antares-aldebaran axis and the earth-spica and earth-pollux axes! this is another “double k” associated with a major earthquake.





Assam 1950

For this major earthquake, the long-term k is augmented by a v-shape and another k. the v-shape is composed of the earth-moon-mercury-saturn axis and the earth-regulus axis. this v-shape does not include venus. the second k is composed of the earth-neptune and earth-venus axes.


Papua indonesia earthquake

Magnitude 7.6

January 3, 2009

     Note the distinct symmetric pattern set up by 1) venus, uranus, saturn and regulus and also 2) jupiter, spica and pollux. this cnn article provides a description of the damage -


     Please compare the papua pattern with the 1933 sanriku, japan earthquake diagram below.






Minnesota Bridge Collapse

August 1, 2007

     Note the approximate 80 and 100 degree angles within the ecliptic plane as shown in this diagram. for this event, there were 4 axes which impinged on the earth: Moon-Uranus, jupiter-antares, venus-saturn-regulus and aldebaran. generally, the planets move through the sky relatively slowly, so the moon was the final piece in the puzzle, moving symmetrically opposite venus for this event.




minnesota bridge collapse

three-dimensional view

     note the complex three-dimensional structure for this event. using approximate numbers, purple shows 100 degree angles, red shows 80 degrees, green shows 90 and pink shows 60 degree angles.

the moon shows closely matching angles with two powerful stars within the ecliptic plane - achernar and deneb.

     the forces associated with earthquakes were at work with this event- there was a 7.2 magnitude earthquake in the pacific just 6 hours before!

in addition there was a 6.2 magnitude earthquake in the russian sakhalin islands 3 1/2 hours later and a 6.7 magnitude earthquake in the aleutian islands 4 1/2 hours after the collapse! (1)        

     (1) neic website - national earthquake information center

(neic does not endorse private websites)



Vanuatu islands - 7.2 magnitude earthquake

August 2, 2007 - three dimensional symmetry

     A major earthquake hit the vanuatu islands in the pacific on august 2, 2007. please note the complex combination of symmetries for this strong seismic event - references to angular separations are approximate:

        1) 100 degree angular separations in the ecliptic plane and outside the ecliptic.

           2)  80 degree angular separations in and outside the ecliptic.

         3) 90 degree angular separations of jupiter and antares with stars outside the ecliptic plane. the moon shows these angles within the ecliptic.

         4) 60 degree moon-star symmetric angles outside the ecliptic. these angles match nicely at 59.7 and 59.9 degrees!



9/12/2007 Earthquake pattern similiar to 8/8/2007

September 12, 2007 note to reader

The large planet/star pattern for the indonesia earthquake series of 9/12-13/2007 is almost identical with the java earthquake of 8/8/07 as seen in the 80/100 subpattern below. the large planets just don't move much in a one month period. the other objects move faster.


Indonesia earthquake august 8, 2007

Magnitude 7.5

Ecliptic tilt view

     Note the three-dimensional aspect of the sun-star angles. on an annual basis on august 6th, the sun is about 116 degrees from antares. on this day the 3-d angles to energetic stars achernar and deneb outside the sun-earth or ecliptic plane are about the same! on august the 8th, there are still sun-star angles which match quite closely- symmetric angles at approximately 114, 116 and 118 degrees!

     Please observe that the sun was on this same axis but at an opposite point in the sky for the columbia accident. that position also set up three-dimensional symmetries but with complementary angles - about 63-64 degrees for the sun-star angles!    



Java earthquake - august 8, 2007

North view looking south toward ecliptic or sun-earth plane

     There are four axes involved within the ecliptic or sun-earth plane for this earthquake: 1) aldebaran, 2) uranus, 3) jupiter-antares and 4) venus-saturn-regulus. the angles of approximately 80 and 100 degrees match the long-standing angle of powerful regulus with energetic antares of 99.9.

     An earthquake was included in the august 6, 2007 (plus or minus 3 days) predictive window on the predictions page.

     Don't miss the distinct double k pattern for hurricane katrina

     See the amazing <<14/24 reciprocal pattern>> for the 1976 tangshan, china earthquake and the unmistakable geometric pattern for the 1995 kobe, japan earthquake below.  










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