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oil rig explosion

gulf of mexico

april 20, 2010

     for a general explanation of this pattern see the iceland fissure eruption.

     specific to this event, note that the sun is symmetrically opposite the moon.the sun-aldebaran angle is 39.3 while the moon-aldebaran angle is 42.9.

     also, note the venus opposite galactic center (gc) symmetry with gc-aldebaran angle at ~162.5 and the venus-antares angle at 164.6 degrees.

     it is proposed that an intense electromagnetic field disturbance (emd) caused this blowout and the fire which immediately followed. see the model for magnetic field disturbance.

     charged particles will spiral around a magnetic field disturbance. in this case, the emd was positioned at the drillhole site. the charged particles were water molecules with their partial polar nature- a water molecule contains both a partial negative and two partial positive charges.

     the downward force from the drilling mud within the borehole normally balances the upward force generated by the gas/oil deposit.

     the water contained in the drilling mud spiraled up, allowing the methane to blow up to the surface.




santa barbara oilwell blowout

january 28, 1969

     note the similarity of the santa barbara pattern with the tambora eruption pattern of 1815. there was a significant vei 3 (volcanic explosive index) eruption at iya volcano the day before. both tambora and iya are located in the lesser sunda islands in indonesia!   


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montara oilwell blowout

timor sea

august 21, 2009

     note the obvious symmetry associated with this event. jupiter and neptune were opposite uranus and saturn was opposite the regulus/sun pair.

     popocateptl in mexico erupted within 7 hours of this blowout. the well is located northwest of australia. at the same time there were simultaneous gas/steam eruptions of six different volcanoes on the kamchatka peninsula in russia.





texas city bp explosion

march 23, 2005

     an intense magnetic field produced from this symmetric pattern could have caused the malfunction of one alarm associated with the explosion.

     although the probable ignition source was identified as a white diesel pickup truck, static electricity generated from a magnetic field disturbance could have played a role in carrying the spark to the surrounding area.

     the us chemical safety board has a report on the accident.





























































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