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             sydney, australia power outages

                                            march/april 2009

          short-term symmetric pattern within ecliptic plane

     although the sun and moon can change positions

significantly within a one-month period, it is possible

for a planet-star pattern to persist for brief periods. this

is precisely the case for the time period associated with

the four sydney blackouts.

     <<<it is proposed that astronomical symmetries asso-

ciated with power outages cause electromagnetic

disturbances which set up a flow of electrons.>>>

please see the < geomagnetic field disturbance model >

on the power outage page for details of how charged

particles spiral around a disturbed magnetic field to

produce electricity.



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                    moon plus galactic center

                     at mirror-image positions

                    for two sydney blackouts

                          march 30 and april 12, 2009

     please see the short-term symmetric pattern (top) found

within the ecliptic plane for the april/may 2009 sydney

power outages.

     for march 30 and april 12, 2009 please note that the

moon is on the same axis but in opposite positions in the


     both of these locations set up a symmetric subpattern

with the center of the galaxy (galactic center or gc).

this symmetry is with respect to the constant stellar k

pattern found within the ecliptic plane as shown on the

ecliptic/volcano page.

     the constant angular separation for gc-antares is

17.5 degrees. the moon-aldebaran angle for march 30 is

17.8 degrees which sets up a "reverse k" subpattern within

the ecliptic plane with the center of the galaxy. the moon

-antares angle for april 12 is 18.4 degrees and sets up a

"v subpattern" within the ecliptic with the galactic center.




               april 4, 2009 sun-moon symmetry

                                   complements short-term

                                    march/april 2009 pattern

                                  for sydney power outages

        note the sun-moon symmetry with the ecliptic k

pattern discussed on the ecliptic/volcano page.

     this symmetry enhances or complements the march/

april short-term pattern for 2009 shown above.






                          sydney power outage

                                    april 28, 2009

                                           sun-alhena symmetric subpattern


     the fourth power outage in a month hit sydney on april 28,

2009. the march/april 2009 short-term pattern was still in

effect. this short-term pattern was complemented by the annual

sun-alhena symmetric subpattern which occurs on or about

april 28 each year.






                       melbourne power outage

                                  electric substation transformer explosion

                                     january 30, 2009

     this transformer explosion occurred at south morang in

melbourne on january 30, 2009. in this case venus was

symmetrically opposite neptune. both saturn and uranus

set up an 80/100 degree symmetry with regulus and the

backbone of antares/aldebaran.

     note the moon tucked away neatly between venus and

uranus which allowed the moon to contribute to both the

venus/neptune symmetry and also to the saturn/uranus/

regulus combination.






                  sun at mirror-image positions

                               two australia blackouts

                            melbourne january 30, 2009

                                sydney march 30, 2009































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