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Uploaded 2023-09-14;Edited 2023-09-17


Uploaded 2023-09-14;Edited 2023-09-17



1889 & 2012

   Note the repeat astronomical pattern - with substitutions - for Greenland Icecap melting in 1889 & 2012.

    Citation for Greenland Icecap Melting: Neff W., G.P. Compo, F.M. Ralph, and M.D. Shupe(2014), Continental Heat Anomalies and the Extreme Melting of the Greenland Ice Surface in 2012 and 1889, J. Geophys. Res. Atmos., 119, 6520-6536, doi:10.1002/2014JD021470.


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Drought Fires Maui - August 8-9, 2023

    Note the Quintuple or 5 K pattern associated with Hurricane Dora in the Pacific. Hawaii was caught in between a High Pressure Zone to the North and the Low Pressure of Hurricane Dora to the South which produced the high wind gusts during the drought fires. For a full meteorological discussion please copy and paste:


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Washington Crossing, PA

July 15, 2023

     Note that the Sun is at a once-annual position in which it is precisely in line with Pollux. Saturn is at a once in 30 year position where it can set up a symmetric position with Pollux and therefore the Sun also. Mars, Regulus and Venus each set up angles at 104.5 +/- 3 degrees with rapid-rotator stars (not shown) in the Northern Celestial Hemisphere. These angular separations are very close to the bond angle of water at 104.5 degress. In addition, the Moon-Achernar (not shown) angle is 102.2 degrees. Achernar is a rapid-rotator star in the Southern Celestial Hemisphere. The combination of the these symmetries and the near-104.5 degree angular separations triggered this record flood.


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Rolling Forks, MS

March 24, 2023

   Note the Moon-Uranus alignment associated with Antares-Spica symmetric subpattern. This short series with 41 tornado reports lasted only 5 1/2 hours - just at the time Moon was aligned with Uranus.


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Little Rock, AR

March 31, 2023

     Note the Venus-Uranus alignment associated with Antares-Spica symmetric subpattern. This longer series with 69 tornado reports lasted 16 hours - just at the time Venus was aligned with Uranus.


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Rolling Forks, MS

March 24, 2023

   Note the comprehensive symmetry which includes both ecliptic stars and large planets. There are 8 objects on a total of 7 axes. Note especially the Jupiter, Saturn, Antares, Alhena tetrad or group of four axes. On this date there was a minor eruption of Popo volcano in Mexico and a methane explosion at a chocolate factory in Pennsylvania.

     This comprehensive pattern persisted for the March 31, 2023 Little Rock Tornado series.


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Nurdagi, February 6, 2023

   Note that with extended lines this pattern forms a Quadruple K. Add Mars to the Antares-Aldebaran backbone and it becomes Quad K with reinforced backbone. Compare the Sun's location with this event to Saturn's location with the Tambora 1815 eruption and then the 2022 Tonga eruption - 7 cycles later for Saturn - and it's clear that the Sun is at almost the same point in the sky as Saturn for some major geological events.


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Turkey 7.8 Magnitude Earthquake

Nurdagi, February 7, 2023

   Note the Sun-Aldebaran/Spica triad of axes associated with this event. The astronomical angular separations match that of the Silica ion which makes up 90-95% of rocks in the Earth's crust.

   The microscopic bond angle for the Silica ion is 109.5 degrees. This means that even with the Earth's rotation that a percentage of the Silica ions are going to be aligned with the Sun-Star combination at a given moment and will vibrate along the Silica-Oxygen bond. With enough vibration the earthquake is triggered.


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Las Vegas, January 27, 2023

    Note the Quad K pattern associated with this probable infection date of Jan 26. On Jan 27 there was a mass vomiting incident -130 students were involved. Either some food got into the danger zone before being served on the 26th or possibly a food worker(s) contaminated the food during the preparation.

    Either way at about noon on the 26th a Quad K pattern had developed and whether just at that location, or perhaps regionally or even globally there was agitation at the molecular level which exacerbated the bacterial or viral outbreak.

    This outbreak is a good example that astronomical patterns can effect rapid microbial growth.

   To make it clear, there were at least two factors involved in this outbreak: 1) contamination and 2) molecular agitation over the normal level.


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   Thousands of homes and associated structures have burned in the last few years. Building materials consisted of wood or even brick, stone, concrete or cinder block.

   These structures were vulnerable to red-hot embers which blew at 50-100 mph in fires which reached 1600-2000 degrees F.

   The vulnerable points were open gables, wooden soffits (eaves), attic vents, ventilators, structural proximity, propane tanks, wooden fences, decks & siding, gutter leaves, dead leaves on the ground and tall weeds.

   The average person may not think about this until it's too late. A house has to breathe but manual controls can be retrofitted to close open gables at the last moment. And heat-resistant siding can cover up wood siding to prevent red-hot embers from gaining a foothold.


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   Note the very close symmetry associated with this Category 4 event. A four-axis pattern is referred to as a tetrad or group of four. A tetrad including Aldebaran & Spica is commonly associated with storms including storms with tornadoes. In this case the tetrad of axes actually included 5 bodies since Jupiter was opposite the Sun.


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Baytown, TX

December 23, 2021

Subpattern persists through Mid-February 2022

   Note the astronomical angular separations of 106.8 & 109.0 degrees approximately match the bond angle of the tetrahedral structure of the gasoline molecule. This induces molecular agitation leading to explosion and fire.


Uploaded 2021-12-13


Amazon Warehouse - Edwardsville, IL

December 10, 2021

   This Triple-K pattern with symmetry about the Antares-Aldebaran axis is sometimes associated with Tornadoes.


Uploaded 2021-12-13

    An Aldebaran-Spica symmetry composing a Triad or Tetrad is often associated with Tornadoes. However a mirror-image symmetry including Antares & Pollux is not normally associated with Tornadoes.


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     Note the precise symmetry of Saturn & Neptune with Regulus. The Moon enhances the gravitational signal from Neptune. The Sun & Uranus contribute to this symmetry with Regulus. The Jupiter-Regulus angle is 176.7 degrees resulting in a Jupiter-Earth-Regulus axis.


Uploaded Sept 5, 2021


Symmetry very similiar to

Ash Wednesday Storm March 6-8, 1962

    Please check out

    to compare Hurricane Ida with the Ash Wednesday Storm of March 6-8, 1962. Jupiter and Saturn have a 5:2 astronomical resonance at about 59 years. In this case, both Saturn & Jupiter were at the same point in the sky for both storms. And they set up planet-star symmetries which were almost exact duplicates for both storms.

     Both storms had extensive flooding but the 1962 storm was stationary due to a blocking high to the north which meant it just churned the wind and waves off the East coast. There was extensive beach erosion with the 1962 event.

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Enhanced Astronomical symmetry

July 14, 2021

     Note the planet-star symmetry enhanced by the Sun and Moon. If Uranus and Alhena(lower right, short line) are included this becomes a Triple K subpattern. There are other symmetric subpatterns which contributed to this event. The Sun was closely approaching an annual alignment with the ecliptic star Pollux.


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July 3, 2021





     Note the simultaneous symmetry of two contributory subpatterns for a fairly energetic solar event - an X1.5 flare. The hexad or sextet of axes in the diagram includes ecliptic stars Aldebaran and Spica. Geocentric or Earth-centered symmetry with these two stars is associated with tornadoes, storms and sometimes volcanoes.

     Please note the exact symmetry of the Heliocentric tetrad composed of Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. These numbers can be reproduced using SkyChart 3 and selecting Object Sun and inputting 0 degrees for longitude and 0 degrees for latitude. Altitude would be 0.

      The symmetries set up a complex 3-dimensional interference pattern with an antinode triggering the flare.


Uploaded 2021-06-27


June 24, 2021

    Inspectors' reports indicate this was an accident ready to happen. There were already cracks in the concrete but no one took action. Nature always seems to test the weakest link. Astronomical forces affected this specific area and perhaps even other nearby buildings. But this building had the cracks so it was affected.

    Energy from the Sun, Saturn and Spica converged on this particular point and there was molecular agitation of the silicate component of the concrete. The agitation exacerbated the pre-existing fractures and collapsed the building.

     Soil also contains a significant percentage of silicates so the building was shaken from below as well.


Uploaded 2021-06-27

     The moon is in line with the Center of the Galaxy or Galactic Center. And the Moon-GC axis sets up a symmetry with both Aldebaran and Alhena. Approximately the same pattern is rotated 45 degrees and Saturn-(Venus,Pollux) and Saturn-Regulus shows the same angular separations. Energy from these symmetric patterns contributed to shaking at the molecular scale.



Uploaded April 12, 2021


Initial Eruption

April 9, 2021

    This same subpattern was associated with the Carribean eruption, a large Florida waterspout, an explosion at an Ohio Paint Factory and Category 2 Cyclone Seroja on the coast of Australia. A Spica-Aldebaran tetrad is usually linked with storms, tornadoes and electromagnetic disturbances.


Uploaded 2020/12/13

US SPIKE - COVID-19 - DEC 11, 2020

    The Triple K pattern persists on this date with Jupiter and Saturn showing a 1.1 degree angular separation. There are several subpatterns which were contributory to the whole. Overall, the various patterns set up microscopic agitation which caused a proliferation of new cases.


Uploaded 2020/12/09

US SPIKE - COVID-19 - DEC 4, 2020

    Note the Triple K pattern with the Sun reinforcing the Antares-Aldebaran backbone.


Uploaded 2020/11/17, Edited 2020/12/07

US SPIKE - COVID-19 - NOV 13, 2020

    There is a Triple K pattern associated with this Covid-19 Spike. Please note that three days later Hurricane Iota was at Category 5.


US SPIKE - COVID-19 - OCT 30, 2020

Same Astronomical Pattern as Oct 16, 2020

Pattern Causes 7.0M Greek Earthquake

    After the Oct 16, 2020 Covid Spike the Sun and Moon moved through the sky to enhance the pre-existing Triple K

pattern on Oct 30, 2020.


US SPIKE - COVID-19 - OCT 23-24, 2020

Linked to Astronomical Symmetric Pattern

& Oct 25, 2020 Peruvian Volcanic Eruption

    Note the Quadruple K pattern associated with this extreme US Covid Spike. One day later on Oct 25 Sabancaya Volcano in Peru erupted with a 7,000 ft ash plume. Since the summit is almost 20,000 ft high, the ash plume ascended to 27,000 ft altitude.

    In both cases - Covid Spike and Volcano - there were 109.5 +/- 3 degree angles of Ecliptic astronomical bodies.
Energy from these bodies at these angles would have affected the tetrahedral portions of the Covid virus molecules and also the tetrahedral Silicate ion of the erupting magma/lava. Please see Volcano Page


Linked to Astronomical Symmetric Pattern

    Note the Triple K associated with this sudden spike for both US and Global new Covid-19 cases. It occurred on the

monthly geophysical prediction date for October. A similiar pattern occurred on July 16 & 17 when there were also more than 70,000 new cases per day in the US. On those two days the Sun is aligned with Pollux. It is 90.9 degrees offset from Spica.

   A 7.5M earthquake in Alaska occurred on Oct 19, only 3 days after the Oct 16 prediction.

   To understand how the primary K structure within the Ecliptic or Sun-Earth plane was determined, please view the first half-dozen graphics on the Volcano page.



Earthquake Precursors

Indicators of an impending earthquake

If these events are observed, plese contact

Matt Maddox immediately on Facebook

1) Lightning-like discharges on the ground in fault areas

 2) Water changes:

     a) Ponds or lakes which suddenly drain

     b) Water wells suddenly fluctuate up or down 10-20 ft

     c) Water becomes cloudy, has bubbles, smells sulfur-

         like, changes temperature

  3) Animal Behavior-Unusual or bizarre animal behavior:

      a) Dogs howl uncontrollably

      b) Cats move their kittens outdoors

      c) Predator acts subdued in the immediate

          vicinity of prey

      d) Dairy Animals- Milk production decreases


     e)Marine- deep water species show up in shallow water

      Frantic Escape Behavior:

      a) Horse kicking a hole in stall door

      b) Pig jumping over a fence

      c) Fish jump out of water

      d) Mass migration of animals- snakes, rats,

          centipedes, worms, beetles, frogs

   4) Radon increase in fault zone areas

   5) Changes in plants- unusual winter blooming

   6) Foreshocks- smaller earthquakes -check latest

       earth quakes USGS website- 2.5M+ or 4.5M+ for a given area

Some of the above info can be found in "When Snakes Awake-Animals and Earthquake Prediction" by Helmut Tributsch, MIT Press c1982-That author is not responsible for my predictions.

Jefferson Junior High School in Long Beach, California,

destroyed by the March 11, 1933 earthquake USGS Photo




Uploaded 2019-03-11

In a major earthquake offshore or moderate shallow quake directly underneath the plant, Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant is vulnerable at numerous points:

1) Electrical power will be severed


2) Control rods in core will not function with sudden

    intense shock or will be damaged upon insertion.

3) Emergency Core Cooling System will Fracture the

    Pressure Vessel due to Prior Embrittlement from

    Fission Neutrons

4) Intake pipes/pumps will rupture resulting in Tertiary

    Loop failure. No coolant will be entering the plant.

5) Meltdown from either 3) or 4) liberates Hydrogen

    causing Hydrogen explosion with radioactivity.

6) Tsunami inundates Silo Floors causing repetitive steam

    explosions upon contact with meltdown materials.

    Each explosion emits more radioactivity.

6) Radioactive isotopes will be carried 2,000 miles down

    the Mexico coast via the California Current. The North

    Pacific Gyre Current will pick up new isotopes which

    trickle out from the plant.

7) 50-year cleanup/claim cost will be 2.5T$'s out of US

    Federal budget. Please compare Fukushima

    total cost of ~1/2T$.



Predicted 2016-2017

Uploaded 07/14/2016

0008 UTC

Wood-frame building in Long Beach, California destroyed

by the March 11, 1933 earthquake USGS Photo



     1) Philippines Earthquake - 2012/08/31

          Timing but not location

      2) Japan Earthquake - 2011/03/11

          Location but not exact timing, Letters to PM Apr 2010

          Feb 2011

      3) Chile Earthquake - 2010/02/27  

         Timing but not location

      4) Adjacent Wet/Dry prediction 2019- fulfilled 2nd half


      5) 55% US Drought Coverage- End of 2020 = 67%



RUSSIAN                         JAPANESE











Solar System Events and Astronomical Symmetry

Matt Maddox

The astronomical patterns associated with numerous solar system events have been analyzed. Symmetric planet-star patterns have emerged and are determined to be causal. Astronomical symmetry associated with energetic solar system events is a universal dynamic. 




     ***See the long-term K-structure below composed of four nearby stars.***    


Click on the Diagram for Ecliptic Page



      The sun-earth plane is referred as the ecliptic plane. It could also be considered as a broad and thick pancake. The sun, moon and planets regularly align with stars within this plane.     

    They also make symmetric patterns with the ecliptic stars. It’s important to note the “K” pattern composed of the Antares-Aldebaran backbone and Spica and Pollux as the legs.









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